Sales techniques

How to sell goods and services correctly.

1. Reception “Forcing the client to convince himself”

In short, you tell in such a way that the client himself thinks – yes, this is what I need. For example, in a hairdressing salon: you don’t say, buy this shampoo from me, it protects hair well from brittleness. You say, “I see your hair is breaking. Do you use anything? There are many different good resources. And they are basically inexpensive. They strengthen and smell very good, you don’t even need perfume after that :-). This is what I use myself, take a look.

2. Reception “Chain a potential client”

In fact, it is very similar to the front-end, which was discussed above. When you give something away for free, something that really has some value for the client, then it will be 10 times more difficult for him to refuse your next, paid, of course, offer.

3. Reception “We sell the benefit, not the name of the product / service”

For example, if you are a computer repairer, you do not say “we will remove viruses from your computer”, but “we will save all the data stored in your computer / laptop from viruses, and you will be able to return to your computer within 30 minutes without any or loss.”

4. Reception “We raise the value of the product / service”

Think about how much you are willing to pay for a bottle of water if, say, you are at home or at work, and how much if you are in the desert. Do you understand what the value of a product is now? Raise the value of your product and/or service.

5. Reception “We describe not a product / service, but the happiness that it will bring”

Let’s say a woman comes to a clothing store and wants to buy a shirt for her husband – but one that doesn’t have to be ironed every time. The seller has two options: he can tell what material the shirt is made of, and why it does not require ironing (if the woman, of course, understands this, otherwise she may not understand :-)). Or she can tell, defiantly crumpling it, what a practical shirt it is and how much, without ironing such shirts, a woman can save time (and spend it on herself, of course :-)).

6. Reception “Trap of choice”

This is a sales technique in which you seem to leave a choice to the client, but any option is in your favor. For example: “Do you want red apples or green ones to weigh”? Or “Send the master to you today or tomorrow?”.

7. Reception “Always in your favor”

This approach is similar to the previous one. It works as if the deal is a matter of course. You speak with confidence, as if you have already agreed. Do not ask: “Do you want to leave an application?”, But immediately ask for the necessary information to fill out that very application.

For example, this is how many law firms work. They do not ask you when you call them with some question, whether you need a paid consultation. They ask what time to book you an appointment.

8. Reception “We work with the price”

Well, we work with the price, what can I say :-). In fact, this is a difficult and important job. Often they have to respond to objections from customers – and objections about the price, more often than others at times. You have to convince the person 100% that your offer is worth it. Here are a few examples of how to do this: “You know, I understand that the amount is rather big, but if you compare, it’s just one dinner in a restaurant, (or 2 tickets to the theater, or one hour in the sauna, etc.), and you will benefit in the long run. Think, I think it’s worth it. Or like this: “I understand you, you think this amount is a bit overpriced. For my part, I can assure you of the quality of work performed by a professional, stability and providing you with advice free of charge and forever. You solve your problem in the long term, not in part or temporarily. We provide quality services, and our prices are fully consistent with the real cost of the work, I assure you.”

9. Reception “Opening the horizons of the client”

It happens that a client is ready to order some service from you, but he has planned, say, 1,500 rubles for this. You say: “You know, you can certainly do it for 1500, we will try to help you. But, it seems to me that if you are ready, let’s say for 2000 rubles, then it will be much more reliable and better. It’s not worth saving 500 rubles, because this usually comes at the expense of quality, and this, in turn, will certainly lead to unnecessary costs in the future.”

10. Reception “We keep the change”

Very simple actually. Before you give change of 5 rubles, just ask: do you need chewing gum? That’s all. And it’s not just chewing gum, don’t think. So you can sell a lot of things.

11. “Buy two” trick

Even easier. Just ask if you need another such product. For mom, sister, grandmother… Let every 10 agree. Little, right? 🙂

12. Reception “Top down”

Always offer the most expensive item first. Let them not buy it, you will raise the value of cheaper products, especially if they are not so inferior in quality and functionality.

13. Reception “Encourage upward”

Well, just offer a gift or bonus for purchases above a certain amount. As everybody :-).

14. “Wait, please” technique

When nothing worked, you suddenly remember about the ongoing promotion, about the bonus, about the gifts, about the free delivery… yes, remember everything at once :-).

15. Reception “A little more”

Tell me, when was the last time you weighed exactly a kilogram of something in the market? I don’t even remember. Always somehow 1170 grams is obtained :-).

Friends, tell me, please, how do you sell your goods and services? Share in the comments.