How to choose a marketer

Despite the fact that there are many marketers looking for work in the labor market, it is not easy to find a good specialist. We offer our recommendations on the selection of marketers and the assessment of their professional competencies.

A marketer is a specialist who analyzes the demand for a product / service, studies the sales market, customer needs, predicts sales prospects and forms proposals for promoting the product / service. The duties of a marketer may vary – it all depends on what goals and objectives the management sets for the employee: somewhere the focus is on researching consumer demand and competitors, somewhere on the organization of advertising support, somewhere on brand development. Hence the requirements for a specialist.

Professional level and knowledge

When selecting a marketer, pay attention to education, work experience and the success of projects implemented by a specialist. As for education, the ideal option is a higher economic education with a specialization in Marketing at such universities as Moscow State University, State University of Management, Plekhanov Russian Institute of Economics and other universities with a positive reputation in the market for this specialization.

It is advisable to select candidates with experience in the core market for the company, ideally in the same segment in which the company operates. But often, if the segment is narrow, it is difficult to find marketers with specialized experience, so it is better to expand the search field and consider specialists from the target market (FMCG, b2b, b2c).

There are many job seekers on the market today who change jobs once a year or even every six months. This is an indicator of the candidate’s unprofessionalism. Any serious project to bring a product / service to the market, its development and evaluation of the final results take at least a year. Therefore, it is better to consider candidates who have worked in the same company or participated in the project for at least 1.5 years. Optimal work experience in one place – from three years.

To assess the professional level and level of knowledge of a marketer, projective and open questions about the projects he implemented, the tasks that he performed will help. If you select a marketer with experience in promoting products on the market, then the level of recognition and reputation of this product in the market will be evidence of the candidate’s professionalism. You can also use cases (professional situations, tasks) to evaluate marketers, the discussion and solution of which will reveal the level of a specialist.

As for recommendations, it is imperative to ask for them, especially if you are looking for a marketer in a b2b, b2g company, since it is difficult to evaluate work experience in these market segments from the outside. Recommendations should preferably be obtained from the immediate supervisor of the specialist.

Necessary personal qualities of a marketer

Initiative. A good marketer constantly comes up with new ideas, is eager to work and takes the initiative. It must be proactive and offer new services/products to the market.

Sociability. A marketer should not have communication barriers, he must be able and love to communicate with people.

Good analytical skills, logical thinking and above average intelligence. These qualities are necessary for conducting research, analyzing the results.

Proactive and result oriented.


It is thanks to the presence of such qualities that good marketers quickly reach career heights. Therefore, by the age of 35, they can occupy high positions – growth is possible to a marketing director, commercial director, and then to the position of a top manager of a company. Moreover, changing the industry in which the company operates is quite easy for marketers.