How to Choose a Business Development Marketer

The first thing the marketer began to do was “Clean up”:

  • The second step of the marketer “Spending money on contextual advertising”
  • The third step of the marketer “Statistics”
  • How to choose the right internet marketing strategy? How to choose a business development marketer?
    internet marketing 2021 An internet marketing strategy is a planned set of activities to achieve your business goals. To do this, a step-by-step plan is drawn up using the most suitable advertising platforms in order to increase company awareness and increase profits.

There are many companies and freelance marketers on the market offering rosy solutions that will bring huge profits to your business, but not everyone will do it:

Here are some bad examples that we have seen over the past 12 years of our activity:
Client No. 1 Vladimir – owner of a company manufacturing rubber and plastic products
Vladimir’s company previously worked offline, and over time, competitors began to force it out of the market. When there were few clients, Vladimir decided to try to make a website, as he heard that everything is now on the Internet. I ordered the development of a website and contextual advertising in google.

Everything seems to be right for a start, but there were several minuses:

Since Vladimir had not previously worked online and did not want to waste his time, the site was terribly filled: the goods had no description, characteristics, prices, even the photo was sometimes missing, and if it was, it was copied from another site in poor quality. All recommendations for filling the site – he ignored.
Phones where customers called were tied to one manager, who was constantly busy and often did not pick up the phone. If regular customers are used to this, then new customers coming from the site were looking for another company.
The specifics of Vladimir’s company require a calculation of the cost of the product for each new client, but since the manager is alone and constantly busy, we return to point 2.
What happened in the end?
Contextual advertising worked at 40-50% of its effectiveness due to poor design of the advertising platform (website);
Calls from customers with advertising were processed either for a very long time, or not processed at all;
Since few funds are allocated for contextual advertising 2500-3000 UAH per month, the result is not super + the first 2 points take at least 70% of success.
Nevertheless, even with this approach, contextual advertising paid off by about 1.5 – 2 times.

What happens next?

Vladimir does not like such earnings, he expected more from the Internet.

He does not follow the recommendations of the company that was engaged in contextual advertising, because he thinks that this is not the problem.

Friends advise hiring a marketer for the company, and here the fun begins.

It’s done! A marketer comes to the company who knows how, where and when! He takes only UAH 15,000 per month for his work, which is quite inexpensive within the framework of his activities.

what did the marketer do

The first thing the marketer began to do was “Clean up”:
change the hosting of the site to a company in which he receives % from the client, even if hosting is more expensive (since he also needs to earn money) – he persuades that it is better there;
change the domain name service company (by the way, there are cases when a marketer re-registers a site for himself for further monetary blackmail);
look for shortcomings in the company that developed the site and try in every possible way to make sure that all the blame for further marketing falls on the site’s performers (sometimes a marketer advises making a new site in order to earn his% of the transaction, having previously agreed with new developers);
it usually takes a marketer 1-2 months to answer these questions, and in most cases, companies that previously supported the site no longer work with the client.

The second step of the marketer “Spending money on contextual advertising”

  • receive data from the company that conducted contextual advertising and re-register to your account;
  • write a report to the director that everything was set up very badly before and the services of the SEO company should be abandoned;
  • hire another company that, under the strict guidance of a marketer, will set up contextual advertising and pay% (kickback);
  • convince the director that the costs will pay off in the future.

this step takes about a month

The third step of the marketer “Statistics”

There are never enough statistics, the more the marketer writes down, the better. The main thing here is faith in the future! And on this belief, the marketer will hold on to his place for several more months.

Bottom line: After 4-6 months, the marketer is fired and the owner Vladimir is left with nothing. He will not call the company where he was previously served, because the marketer tried to break all agreements, he stopped believing in Internet advertising, and there was no money left for this.

We advise you to choose specialists with experience and good reviews who understand all processes from web development to complex Internet advertising.

boy marketer

Client No. 2 Alexey – director of the company for the sale and installation of elevatorsequipment
In 2019, the companies made 2 websites and agreed with the director on further promotion on the Internet. Alexey paid $250 per month for each site. This amount included: SEO promotion of the site in google search (buying links, site optimization, analysis and reports), contextual advertising (maintenance and replenishment of approximately $ 100 of these $ 250), content support (filling with new information) and consultation on work with the site.

Sites for 6 months were brought to the TOP-5 of the google search engine for high-frequency queries related to the sale of elevators, escalators and spare parts for elevators.

Calls and orders came, for spare parts it turned out that the company was not ready for such a flow of orders, since spare parts were not always available and the manager simply did not have time to order them.

From Google search – the company took 90% of all requests with 2 sites, i.e. in the search for Ukraine on this topic, you can no longer squeeze it out. Agree, not everyone orders an elevator cabin or spare parts for it).

And then Aleksey was advised, additionally, to advertise on social networks, such as selling elevators on Instagram, since the company that was engaged in promotion and support said that this type of advertising was not profitable for his activities. Do you think elevators will be ordered on tiktok and instagramm?
To do this, Alexey hired a marketing boy who was supposed to optimize the current advertising activities, namely: SEO + context and do something for social networks.
As a result, it turned out that the boy once set up contextual advertising for someone, but nevertheless, as many unfortunate marketers do, he pretended to be smart and began to act:

  • stopped all SEO support and contextual advertising;
  • requested certificates for domain names from the hosting company;
  • started transferring sites to another (own) hosting;
  • it all took the marketer 3 months (these 3 months he received a salary)
    re-configured contextual advertising for broad match keywords in an extremely unprofessional manner, where the efficiency is almost 10-15%;
  • all!

Usually, after half a year, the head of the company realizes that there is no point and fires such a candidate, as a result, funds and precious time are wasted.
The main goal of such marketers is to squeeze money out of you to the maximum and dump you in another company.

Therefore, be careful when choosing such inexperienced and narrowly focused marketers, they will not bring benefits to your company, and the consequences in the future can be serious.