Peculiarities of promotion of gambling sites in western markets

Let’s talk about where to start your strategy to enter the world gambling market or, in other words, how to promote a casino.

What you need to know before starting the promotion of a gaming site to the Western market

First of all, before you promote, you should make sure that your site is working correctly, there is all the necessary information and provide relevant documentation. Without a license and all the necessary legal documents should not enter the market. This is fraught with consequences, ranging from a hefty fine to criminal liability.

You should study the popular regions where the gambling industry is allowed, the peculiarities of promotion in them, legal subtleties and direct competitors. Here are some comments on how to promote gambling in the West:

  • UK. This is where all the players want to come out. In this region, the top is tightly packed and there is a monopoly of distribution. It is difficult (almost impossible) for newcomers to promote. Requires a huge investment and a long time to pay off. But the result is worth it. It is best to create a narrowly targeted platform. When creating broad-spectrum platforms, you need to cover all relevant semantics and prioritize each cluster. Usually use link building techniques such as PBN and PRO level outreach. Budget from $5-15k/month.
  • Poland. A large amount of traffic at an average monetary output. The level of competition is also average. The most popular methods of link building: all the same PBN and outreach. Content is relatively inexpensive. The cost of links imporable. Excellent region to start.
  • Scandinavia. This is a very expensive region for promotion of gambling sites. Here is an expensive content and links. But there are strict checks and regular “surprises” on the legislative level. To get on the top is extremely difficult, expensive and long.
  • Canada and USA. There is traffic, good potential income, medium competition, the cost of links and content is high. On the side of the law, everything is more or less stable. Remember that in the USA, licenses are issued by each state separately. If you only decided to create and promote your gambling site, we recommend you to pay attention to easier regions with less risk.
  • Austria and Switzerland. The competition is average. Content is also average, slightly more expensive because it is in German. The vast majority of sites are promoted with PBNs. Up to 150 PBN cost from $250 to $1,000. Link prices are quite high.
  • Germany. The level of competition is slightly lower than that of the UK. The potential income is high. But at the same time, you need to promote using very high quality content. Links are worth a lot, on the level of Austria and Switzerland.
  • Romania. A lot of traffic. The potential profit is average. Promotion is simple there. Links are within reasonable limits. But it is important to know that the Romanian government requires the site owner to take an affiliate license. Otherwise the site will be blocked.
  • Czech Republic. Competition is average. Sites are between the UK/Germany and Romania. Average income. Promote easy and not very expensive.
  • Italy. A lot of traffic. But the top established yet no. This means that anyone who has a large budget and a competent strategy can get there. But the market is more for established players. Content of average quality. The yield is not bad when considering all the nuances. If you are a newcomer with a small knowledge base, a good team and an average budget for this market (from 150 thousand dollars), then focus on such regions as: Poland, Romania, Czech Republic.

If you are confident in yourself and your abilities – choose any region. But try not to scatter, and sharpen the company for a particular country. Well, of course, be prepared to invest more than $ 200 thousand for the launch and promotion.

Peculiarities of promotion of gambling sites in western markets 1

What to focus on when promoting a gaming site

When building a strategy for the selected region is important to consider that the promotion of the casino site will be long-term. Immediate results do not expect. In this case, it is important to do everything legally and not to make risky decisions.

What are we doing?

  • Analyze competitors at the top and young sites that have already succeeded. We look at everything: the site, functionality, specials, rules, documents, link profile, promotion methods and content. Competitor analysis is a great aid in creating an effective strategy.
  • Carefully choose link building methods and placement sites. Read more about it here and here.
  • Assemble a strong team. Marketing, design, software, SEO optimizer, sales team, etc. You have to make sure they are the best. You can’t get to the top otherwise.
  • Develop a quality content and link building strategy. It doesn’t matter which way you promote: outreach, crowdfunding or PBN. You need quality content and strategy everywhere. Also, don’t forget about the site’s semantic core. Try to build content around it.
  • Make a clear outreach plan. In the Western market outreach – one of the most effective methods of link building for any niche. In gambling, you should pay special attention to its construction, because a reasonable outreach leads to cheaper and better links. But “cheaper” is not the price of links in the CIS. You have to be prepared for the fact that link building for gambling sites is expensive anyway.
  • Create the product and consider the content. In the niche of gambling in the top sites are usually 4 years old. Build a high quality and marketable product to please the pampered services and demanding players. And also be sure to take into account: what exactly the user wants to find on the page and creatively work out the presentation of useful content.
  • Find reliable partners. Most webmasters make sites with reviews of gaming brands and slots. Choose affiliate programs (affiliate programs) with reliable reputation. This will speed up your start and give you a lot of necessary data about the specifics of this or that market. And also will guarantee a timely and fair payment of the coveted revenue share.

Peculiarities of promotion of gambling sites in western markets 2

What do not we do?

  • Do not follow the trends in link building and less experimentation. Especially if you are watching link mining not in your niche. More often than not, this leads to bad consequences.
  • Don’t go overboard with keywords in the content. Don’t spam too much. Especially if you are new to this market. Young sites with over-spammed content are a target for Google’s algorithms. Read more about promotion under Google in our material.
  • We do not place a large number of commercial anchors at the initial stage. The reason is similar to the previous one.
  • Do not use a corporate e-mail address for outreach. This can lead to bad consequences. Starting from blocking the mail and ending with the blocking of the entire service.
  • Do not underestimate the anticipated cost of promotion. You do not just need to take the top position in the selected region, but also to keep it. Be prepared for significant costs from the very beginning. You should understand that the more you invest at the start (3-5 years), the more output will be in the future.

As we wrote above, there are several effective and very popular methods of link building promotion of gambling sites in the West. Among them:

  • Crowd-marketing. One way to promote gambling business. This is a receipt of natural links from forums and thematic communities. Crowd-marketing helps gambling sites not only to solve SEO-objectives, but also to build a positive reputation around the brand. In the gambling niche – it is very important. But it is much more profitable in terms of budget and quality to put the crowdfunding campaign in the hands of professionals. Read about all the features of working with crowdfunding marketing in the gambling niche in our material.
  • Outreach. This can be guest articles on thematic blogs, thematic ratings, pages with promo codes, contests and reviews. Knowledgeable specialists focus on simultaneous placement in reviews of gambling establishments, slots reviews and feedback on services. The main thing to approach the construction of links competently and be very careful. But you should understand that one link, mined on a quality donor through outreach in the western market will cost from 250 dollars and above.
  • PBN. Quite expensive, but very popular way to promote gambling sites. Used in most regions where gambling is allowed by law. However, this method can be rightfully called one of the most expensive, given the specifics of the Western market.
  • The difficulty in analyzing this type of links is that experienced webmasters hide them from all services, except Google Bot. This is what often leads to errors in the initial estimate: how much will it cost to promote to the top.
  • Scrap. Quite popular in the gambling niche promotion method by mining links from scrap sites. This is many times cheaper than outreach and PBN, but the efficiency is slightly subsides. Usually use as a complement to the main methods.
  • We do not recommend this method because of the huge legal risks and criminal responsibility for unauthorized access to sites. Your resource will be impossible to sell to a good investor in the future.

These are the most popular and relatively uncomplicated link building methods for gambling sites. With the right approach, they can promote your service. But you should immediately allocate a decent budget for them.

The first results will be only after 3-6 months. And we are not about getting into the top HF or HF keywords. We are about systematic link building profile of the site team.

To be in the top for a good and correct keywords (depending on the region chosen, the strategy and investment) and recoup investments need at least 3-4 years.

As for the linkbuilder chips for the gambling niche, the experienced specialists in promotion of gambling sites are often involved in putting links in 3-4 levels and linking up powerful drops of 301 redirect. But links from the main pages (“fat faces”) are the most in demand.

Peculiarities of promotion of gambling sites in western markets 3

What should be a basic team to promote a gambling site?

Of course, you can promote the site with their own hands. But such a promotion will bring results only at the start. The larger the site, the more time, effort and financial investment is needed.

Most of the gambling projects, promoting in the West, consists of:

  • Cool SEO Team-Lead;
  • Junior SEO, Assistant Team-Lead;
  • Linkbuilder, who manually places links or orders them from outsourcers (on link exchanges);
  • A content marketer who oversees the entire process of link placement, content creation, and monitors the reputation of the business online;
  • Freelancers (who write content, create videos, do video editing).
  • If the budget allows, you can hire an in-house designer, editor, copywriter.

But if the budget is meager, and you can not cope independently, then the positions can be combined:

  • Cool SEO Team-Lead;
  • Content Marketer, who will handle both content and link placement, and do some Junior SEO tasks;
  • Freelancers.
  • In particular, we recommend that you pay your attention to the selection of freelancers who create text content. They must necessarily be native speakers.

Copywriters from the CIS, who have mastered a foreign language, somehow use outdated words and phrases that are not used in everyday speech. And only a native speaker can distinguish a good copywriter from a “formulaic” one. It’s a vicious circle:)

The services of native speaker prufriders are quite expensive. Sometimes it is easier to pass link promotion professionals.

You do not want to look long and hard to find decent freelancers to work with content? We recommend you comprehensive link building from We will help you with your tasks.

What to do if the site shows growth, but the strength and budget are no longer there

This question interests many owners of gambling sites that are showing good growth and maybe even made it to the top. Realizing what finances have already been invested in their creation and promotion, in critical situations you want to return at least part of the profit.

There really is a way out. If you realize you no longer have the resources – look for an investor with experience in gambling.